Please have your carts out to the curb by 5:00am for service.

DO NOT park or place carts within 4’ft of any objects.

(i.e.; utility poles, mailbox or vehicles)

Carts must be at least 4’ft apart

or on separate sides of your driveway.

Carts place on snow banks will not be serviced.

Carts improperly placed, may be tagged and left unemptied.

New Items that can be recycled: (Effective December /2014)

Cartons (milk, juice, soup, wine, etc)
Dairy containers (yogart, sour cream, margarine, cottage cheese, etc.)
Produce, bakery and deli containers (berry, donut, potato salad, etc)
Lids form above containers

DO NOT place your recyclables in plastic bags, this is a major source of contamination and causes material processing issues.  Keep recyclables loose in your recycling cart, with the exception of paper. 

Place paper in paper bags and staple shut or roll closed. 

Plastic bags, acceptable for recycle at participating retail locations.

Recycling Reference:  or

Tires, wood, appliances, electronics, garden hoses and plastic furniture are non-recyclable and require a special pickup.  Please call DDI for more information.      

Thank you !                   

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